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What the participants say about our programs...

“The program is great, I thoroughly enjoyed knowing that I am not alone, also the fact that things are not as bad as they could be.  Dee Dee is wonderful at what she does, very well informed and educated.”

“Everyone was so caring and down to earth; the information was much more applicable and well received.  I felt like everyone involved is very caring and truly cared about my circumstances and wanted me to succeed and cone out on top with my situation. Thank you!

"I learned a lot from this class and from my instructor; shed did a great job with teaching the skills I did not have before.  I especially loved the ‘Barbara Coloroso’ movie. Please don’t change anything; you will help a lot of people like me.  Thanks.”
"My instructor was excellent.  She was very helpful and she answered every question I had or pointed me in the direction I needed to go to find appropriate answers.  Thank you”

*Names withheld for protection of privacy.


Dee Dee Mize- Executive Director
Dee Dee has been with Family TIES Gainesville for 13 years. She started as a First Steps volunteer in 1993. In 1997 she became the First Steps Program Director and in 2004 was honored to become the Executive Director. She believes in helping families any way we can.

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Classes Offered:

• Positive Parenting Skills Class— a group for parents of prenatal to age nine, providing intervention and education services in order to prevent and break the cycle of child abuse and neglect

• Empowering Parents—a group for parents of children ages 9 to 18, providing intervention and education services in order to prevent and break the cycle of child abuse and neglect

• Hopeful Futures—a whole family approach to helping adolescent parents develop parenting skills and achieve academic success

• Adolescent Group—focusing on building self-esteem, anger management, and decision-making skills

• Arriba Hispanic Parenting Program—a group for Hispanic parents with children prenatal to age 18

• Hall County Detention Center Programs—a weekly meeting for women and men who are incarcerated

• YMCA Afterschool Anti-bullying & Character Building—a class offered to elementary students through the YMCA afterschool programs

• Equine Therapy—helping adolescents develop bonding and trust, as well as developing leadership skills.

• Parents of Children With Mental Health Issues—a support and educational group for parents of children effected by mental health issues

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"Parents change themselves for the better -your children will too"